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History of Bugatti by Nikita Bridan

Great work by Nikita as support for his final thesis at art center college of design in Pasadena, California.

Keywords: conceptual bugatti renderings for thesis project at art center college of design by nikita bridan the untold secret stories of the bugatti brand book concept

Vehicle concept art by Vaughan Ling

A couple of concept vehicles by Vaughan Ling. More of Vaughan's art on conceptships and concepttanks.

Keywords: large concept material load master transport cement mixer mixing compound truck vehicle moon lunar astronaut carrier vehicle design concept by vaughan ling professional concept artist in burbank california

Concept vehicle by Ian McQue

Ian McQue's blogspot. A post on conceptships.

Keywords: digital tablet concept military snow all terrain vehicle by professional concept artist ian mcque edinburgh united kingdom uk england mcqueconcept.blogspot.com

Concept vehicle art by Khang Le

More of Khang Le's work. Check out ROBOTS and SHIPS.

Keywords: art center graduate turned professional concept artist khang le concept vehicle art design illustration drawing digital painting